About Hexcel



Hexcel is the pioneer HRD Training Provider in Sarawak, Malaysia, founded by two visionary and enterprising brothers, Poh Teck Lim and Poh Ted Ang in 1987.

Our mission is clear and straightforward,

“Partnering with Organizations and Individuals in Managing the Human Side of Change to Achieve Breakthrough Performance.”

Today, we are serving the learning and development needs of all level of employees from diverse industries globally with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to smaller organizations and government departments in 20 countries.


We are committed to working with management teams who want to move their organization forward and with individuals who want to maximize their potential to create POSitive change and Making A Difference in their personal and professional life.

Our unique Hexcellence™ training intervention methodology and customized learning solutions of international acceptance consistently deliver results with rave reviews.


Transform Your Workforce Effectiveness to Transform Your Organizational Competitiveness