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About Hexcel

We are the pioneer HRD training provider in Sarawak and we have been serving the learning and development needs of our clients from diverse industries in twenty countries since 1987.

What We Provide

We provide targeted training interventions based on Hexcellence™ customized learning solutions to enhance individual effectiveness and to drive organizational competitiveness.


Learning and development is an ongoing process and here are learning resources to help grow your organization and yourself.

Our Associates

Hexcel partner with a network of associates to provide world-class referrals of expertise in enabling human excellence.

We have certainly observed a marked improvement in our team members’ motivation and morale, their display of team spirit and togetherness and the increase in their enthusiasm, accountability and responsibility after the training. We feel proud to share with you that our team members spoke so highly of you as a trainer/facilitator especially in your ability to present and deliver in a simple yet exciting manner which is easy to understand.
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